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August 2014

Empowering Women

At Teters Floral Products Inc. we understand the need for women to feel empowered. In 2013, 40% of households with children younger than 18 were run by women acting as sole providers – or main providers. Of these, 37% are married yet earn more than their husbands, and 63% are single mothers. For this (and other reasons) it is important that women receive adequate training and opportunity within the workforce, and at Teters …Read More

Arlington National Cemetery

For the past 41 years, Teters has partnered with the Bolivar High School to provide a custom created wreath to adorn the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Each year, the senior class has taken a trip across the country to visit three specific places that are important to the country’s historic progress – Lincoln’s Tomb, the 9/11 memorial, and the Arlington National Cemetery. Each of these stops has a prominent …Read More

Workforce Inclusion and Reintegration

We at Teters Floral Products Inc. are proud to partner with organizations in Louisville, MS and Bolivar, MO to provide employment opportunities to participants in programs for the developmentally disabled and delayed. It has been proven that employment provides five key factors that promote and prolong mental well-being: Time structure Social contact and affiliation Collective effort and purpose Social and personal identity Regular activity Working is a key way to …Read More

In-home elegance

We want to provide products that will help you grow your floral and home décor categories. At Teters Floral Products Inc., we never sacrifice quality because satisfied customers have always been our end goal. From our procedures to our people, the Teters Floral Products Inc. brand is superior, and our skills and organization give us the ability to build and maintain lasting client relationships. We offer elegant and refined products as well …Read More

The €Teters Difference

We here at Teters Floral Products Inc. have used  the years to hone our skills and practices. The way we have organized ourselves gives us the ability to build lasting client relationships, and we take pride in the way we run our business. Interacting to improve the local community is always a major area of focus for us.  The “Teters Difference” Exclusive designs Superior quality Next-level business organization flawless execution integrity in …Read More

Flat-Rate Shipping

Our Flat-Rate By Zone System Makes It Easy Sage & Co. has taken the guess work out of shipping costs with our flat-rate by zone system. Use the map to find your shipment zone Locate your order amount and freight rate percentage on the grid to calculate your freight cost Sage & Co. also honors the same flat-rate on all back orders. Just another example of how we make things …Read More

The Teters Vision

To source, design and manufacture quality botanical, home décor and gift products that help consumers celebrate their homes and the holidays. Simultaneously, we want to deliver exceptional products that we can always be proud of.

Our Legacy

Since the company’s inception in 1957, Teters has never stopped growing. Yes, we began as a family business selling simple Memorial Day items, but things quickly changed. One family’s vision of providing simple holiday wreaths and sprays has grown into our current inventory – thousands of individual products, suitable for year round display. Today we are a global leader in the floral business and we help our clients help their customers turn …Read More


This collection of beautiful faux trees features both prelit and natural trees of all shapes and sizes. From pine to fir, these evergreen trees are ideal for decorating, and have varied sizes in order to fit into a multitude of spaces. This Pine and Tree Collection is filled with many tree looks – some have added accessories like pine cones and others have branches with slightly frosted tips – giving them a beautiful, outdoorsy look …Read More