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Floral Article

Creating an Autumn Tablescape

The Autumn season is an ideal one for vibrant and exciting decorating options. The Teters Floral Harvest Collection has many different options that can be combined to create the perfect Autumn look. Creating a Fall tablescape is one way to ensure that these beautiful decorations are constantly on display throughout the season – ready to become the topic of conversation between you and your guests. You can keep it simple …Read More

Creating A Painted Faux Floral Wreath

Although at Teters Floral we strive to create beautiful pre-made floral arrangements, we understand that sometimes you’ll want to add your own touches to personalize items like our available wreaths. For example, our 22” hydrangea wreath is covered in cream flowers that stand out against the deep greens behind them. With just a bit of paint and an idea, the wreath can be given a whole new look and style. …Read More

Creating a Floral Frame

Taking a regular picture frame and turning it into something spectacular – and beautiful – is as easy as covering it in faux floral blooms and petals. With a few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, this is a great project that will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary in only a few simple steps.   Supplies Needed: Photo frame Faux flowers, stems, or leaves Hot glue gun and …Read More