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Company Pride

TETERS EBF16519WH WILD DAISY WREATH-S15 (Small)From a company that only sold Memorial Day decorations in the 1950’s to the Teters Floral Products Inc. of today, we have changed quite a bit. Now, our Memorial selection is only one branch of the company – we also offer Teters Floral, Sage & Co. and David Tutera by Sage & Co. Each individual line has a specific array of gorgeous products, designed specifically to suit different needs.

We truly take pride in what we have accomplished thus far -but we have no plans to slow down. As our product lines continue to evolve, so will we as a company. At Teters Floral Products Inc. we look forward to growing and changing to stay current or ahead of the trends – it’s more than just business to us, it’s our lifestyle.