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The €Teters Difference

TETERS EBF12547OR 487S150035 (Custom)We here at Teters Floral Products Inc. have used  the years to hone our skills and practices. The way we have organized ourselves gives us the ability to build lasting client relationships, and we take pride in the way we run our business. Interacting to improve the local community is always a major area of focus for us. 

The “Teters Difference”

  • Exclusive designs
  • Superior quality
  • Next-level business organization
    • flawless execution
    • integrity in relationships with customers, consumers, contractors and suppliers
    • responsiveness
  • Analytical Support
    • portfolio and category insight and analysis
    • custom market research capabilities
  • Logistical and technical strengths
    • JD Edwards operating system
    • data Sync utilization
    • EDI capabilities
    • web-based vendor support systems (VSS) versatility for customers

Each of these qualities is an important part of our business as a whole, but they serve us best when utilized together. In addition to these aspects, we sit apart due to an additional set of business practices and beliefs:

Our value is evident through a number of business aspects including the following:

  • High quality, unique designs
  • World-class customer service
  • Products superior in quality and appearance
  • Strong and tested analytical capabilities
  • Constant marketing support
  • Generation of research and insights
  • Merchandising support
  • An approach that is totally consumer-centric
  • Categorized thought leadership