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Our Legacy

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Since the company’s inception in 1957, Teters has never stopped growing. Yes, we began as a family business selling simple Memorial Day items, but things quickly changed.

One family’s vision of providing simple holiday wreaths and sprays has grown into our current inventory – thousands of individual products, suitable for year round display. Today we are a global leader in the floral business and we help our clients help their customers turn their homes into the places they have always dreamed of. We take part in every step of the process – design, importing, assembling and distributing – to ensure that every single product is exactly the way we want it to be.

Our focus has never changed from the one that Tiffin Teters envisioned while creating the first Teters Memorial products in his basement, but our what we offer certainly has.  From those initial wax and paper flowers in 1957 to the “all silk” wreaths in 1992 to the variety of materials used in in today’s lines, the Teters Floral Products Inc. end goal has always been to provide quality items to consumers. We do not currently sell directly to customers, rather we let our partners have this opportunity by displaying our products in their stores and boutiques.

Just how much have we improved upon the first floral sprays and wreaths? Take a look through our website – at our products and our commitment to our clients – and you’ll see it firsthand. We may have grown, but we haven’t lost touch with our roots.