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Empowering Women

At Teters Floral Products Inc. we understand the need for women to feel empowered. In 2013, 40% of households with children younger than 18 were run by women acting as sole providers – or main providers. Of these, 37% are married yet earn more than their husbands, and 63% are single mothers.

For this (and other reasons) it is important that women receive adequate training and opportunity within the workforce, and at Teters we take this very seriously. Our corporate office and showrooms are staffed with an impressive number – 61% – of women. We believe in allowing people to work to their true potential, and this does not stop at the corporate level – our Bolivar, MO facilities also employ the same ratio – which is much more female-oriented than the national average which stood at 44% female and 56% male in 2009.