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Our Full Service Approach

Our products are designed for the general public but our ordering process is streamlined and organized with business in mind. Each of our three ordering methods:€“ direct order via a trading company, domestic fulfillment, and delivery duties paid€“ is designed to offer specific advantages for individual companies that use them to order from us. It is important to note that with each of the possible ordering methods, there are requirements like a minimum ordering quantity that must be met with each order so that we may keep our shipping prices fair and low.

To clarify, your business must be a registered user with the site in order to obtain products from us. Registering your business gives you access to our extensive product lines in their entirety, and from there, you can decide which shipping and ordering method will work best for you based on your immediate need for product, and your desired order volume.

Our Product Portfolio

Our product lines are designed to provide you and your clients with beautiful home and decorative items, both with our branded products  and with items that are private label exclusively designed and distributed to meet your immediate needs.

Branded: Sage & Co, Teters Floral & Memorial
Our branded products are exclusive to our collections, but can be used in a broad spectrum of stores and shops. Each of them have exclusive characteristics that are unique to our items, but they are available to all of our customers.
Private Label
Private label items are exclusive items that have been created based on the needs of your business. Our dedicated team will work with you to create and design the items you are looking for.

Teters Fulfillment Options

Our product line is  made available in three ways, each of them offering distinct benefits.

About Domestic Delivery
About Direct Import
About Delivered Duties Paid

Start to Finish

From our procedures to our people, the Teters Floral Products Inc. brand is superior – our skills and organization give us the ability to build and maintain lasting client relationships.

Beginning with manufacturing and ending with the delivery of our products, the entire process has been fine tuned to ensure complete quality and satisfaction throughout.