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4 home decor trends for Christmas

Like the changing trends of fashion, what’s popular when it comes to Christmas decor changes with each season. Red and green are the go-tos during the holiday, and these traditional colors are sure to remain a mainstay in department stores and homes across the country. However, those with a more contemporary flair may be looking for something new and exciting. For the upcoming Christmas season, some avant-garde styles, color palettes and motifs are taking the spotlight. If you’re interested in expressing yourself with some modern seasonal decor, consider decking your home according to one of these trends for Christmas:

Chalkboard finish ornaments, tabletops and wall décor
A major trend is the chalkboard finish. This style combines a lovely primary school charm with a DIY appeal, allowing you to write your own holiday wishes or draw delightful illustrations on everything from ornaments to tabletops to wall decor – a variety of options are available through Sage & Co. You can even incorporate these decorations into your holiday gatherings as unique party favors.

Sage & Co. offer a variety of chalkboard ornaments, tabletop items and wall decor.

Using the chalkboard finish on ball ornaments and tabletop finials is a creative way to personalize table settings or allow young guests to create their own masterpiece to take home.

Burlap may historically be one of the less appealing fabrics, reminiscent of potato sacks and ancient-looking hand-sewn dolls, but this coarse material is making a stylish comeback. It can be used all around the house and nicely juxtaposed with chic adornments, such as glass globes, platinum ornaments, gold tinsel and white lights.

“Burlap may historically be one of the less appealing fabrics, reminiscent of potato sacks and ancient-looking hand-sewn dolls, but this coarse material is making a stylish comeback in 2014.”

As Ginnia Staley, creative director for The Great Christmas Place at The Pool Place in Chattanooga told the Times Free Press, the mixture of naturals like burlap and glitzy decors is prominent this year.

“We’re seeing burlap with sparkling accents, seeing it get more feminine with laces and glittered looks rather than just plain burlap,” Staley told the source. “We’re seeing a resurgence of more natural looks this season – using pine cones, birds and mixed greenery – and burlap goes with natural greens.”

Southern Living also suggests a delightful gift-giving idea using burlap for the season: Wrap a simple vase in burlap and tuck in a little holly (Teters Florals offers holly bushes in a variety of styles) and other Christmastime embellishments. Friends can use these displays to decorate their homes through the holiday, then they can remove the burlap and use the vase all year-round.

Non-traditional Christmas trees
This year’s holiday season will see a departure from traditional Christmas trees and an embrace of unique color combinations for these yuletide essentials. For example, black trees are all the rage this year, according to the Times Free Press. Black Christmas trees can be decked in all-gold ornaments, and they can be used for other times of the year as well – add some orange and yellow to turn the tree into a unique Halloween decoration.

On the other spectrum, white trees are also popular this year. They can be trimmed in garland of any color to take on the theme of your decor. Line it with Teters Florals’ Bay Leaves Cedar Jute Pinecone PVC Pine Garland to add a bit of nature to the display, and finish it off with some single-color bulb lights and simple ball ornaments.Turquoise, teal and other colors that give off an icy appeal are also fashionable choices for the season, though the trend for next year is expected to shift to more elegant blues and warmer purples.

Metallics are making a comeback. Glitzy decor that shimmers and shines, including a lot of silver and gold, are expected to be hugely popular this season, according to Christmas.com. You can get this home-decor look with items such as over-sized golden ribbon, shimmery ornaments and Teters Florals’ metallic poinsettia or an arrangement of gold or silver metallic bushes.

Silver and gold metallic decor is popular for Christmas

While these holiday decorating trends are making big waves, how you choose to decorate your home is up to you, and Teters Florals has the supplies you need to complete the look of your home.

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