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5 ideas for a Christmas dinner centerpiece

There are few places more warm and welcoming than the dinner table at Christmas. Family and friends gather around to enjoy each other's company, kind words of affection are shared and delicious food made with love is greeted by watering mouths. At the center of all of this lies a delightful display aimed at drawing everyone's attention to the table: the centerpiece. Unfortunately, many people forget to plan ahead for this important feature of the holidays. But with a little bit of preparation and some elegant florals from Teters Floral as well as accessories and decor from Sage & Co., it can be a highlight of your holiday dinner. Try some of these centerpiece ideas for your next Christmas gathering:

Candle-lit wreath
Many people think of wreaths as strictly door hangings. However, these displays can go anywhere. One unique use for the rounded decoration is as a centerpiece at your family table. There are endless styles and varieties available to choose from, such as the Christmas antler or the pine and berry wreaths. Then, place a tall pillar candle or series of candlesticks in the center to give the entire display a gentle glow. Be sure to put a candle plate beneath to catch dripping wax. If the theme of your holiday decor is rustic in character, try a simpler grapevine wreath (Teters Floral offers these in 8 and 12 inch sizes). A few carefully placed pinecones, loose cranberries and sprigs of holly brush can add a gentle flair to the display.

Overhanging teardrop wreaths
This is another inventive spin on the wreath centerpiece. String together several teardrop wreaths using clear fishing line or festive ribbon, then hang the adornment from the ceiling. You can stick to the same design of hanging wreath, such as the jingle bell pinecone PVC pine twig teardrop, or select different varieties to make up your overhanging wreath – the pine and berry with pinecones nicely complements the snow pine burlap.

Elegant gift box display
A beautifully wrapped Christmas gift box can be a delightful addition to your dinner table, and it's an affordable option that requires little work. Simply find a two-piece gift box and wrap both parts separately so that the lid can be removed without unwrapping. A box with the the same height, width and depth is ideal for this display, but you should choose dimensions that best fit your particular tablescape. When selecting the gift wrap, choose a color and design that goes well with the rest of your decor, and adorn it with colorful, textured ribbon. Fill the box with ornaments, holly and vibrant florals for a centerpiece that is truly eye-catching.

Wine glasses and tealights
Another idea that utilizes items you have right there in your home is the the wine glass centerpiece. Fill several wine glasses with water and organize them at the middle of the table in an appealing manner – bundle them together or spread them out in a line. Then place a floating tealight candle inside each one. You can further embellish the centerpiece with ribbon or bows around the stems of the glasses, and spread Christmas bushes, such as cedar and poinsettia varieties, around the base of the glasses for a fuller, more refreshing effect.

A simple bouquet
While there are many extravagant ideas for decorating the dinner table during the holidays, there's something to be said about simplicity. Sometimes, an understated piece of decor can be the key to completing the tablescape. Assemble a colorful bouquet using Teters Floral's Christmas bushes, and place it in a lovely vase that fits into the theme of your decorations for the year. Sage & Co. offers a variety of vase styles – try the Vintage Industrial Garden or Covington Abbey collections for something elegant yet simple. Mix and match bushes for a motley effect – the poinsettia and berry bush assortment goes nicely with the bright blue of the accent color poinsettia bush. Don't forget to add a few sprigs of cedar bush to lighten up the bouquet.