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Decorating For The Holidays

The holidays are a time that many people use to go all out – from celebrating out in public to redecorating the insides of their homes to coincide with the season. There are literally thousands of different styles and types of holiday décor available, but not every one will be ideal for your home. When decorating for the holidays, it’s important to remember the most important thing: not only should the home be representative of the holiday season, but also of you as a person.

The way that a home’s interior looks is reflective of the homeowner – and their family. Something can look exceedingly beautiful but have no personality, no character – which detracts from he overall look of the decorations. Take into account your own as well as your family’s collective personality, as well as the overall style of the home’s other décor when setting up for the holiday season.

Select items that will not only look nice, but fit in. Many of the collections within the Sage & Co. catalog have distinct characteristics in each available piece, yet offer enough variation to make the items unique. For example, the Chateaux Collection is filled with old-fashioned designs and items that look aged and elegant, while the items within the Santa’s Workshop Collection are more modern takes on the traditional Christmas styles and items. Although these are only two of the examples of the Sage & Co. collections, they will give you a great idea as to what is truly available.

With only a few simple additions, the interior of the home can be completely transformed into a winter wonderland – or even a Christmas village, if you choose. While many people tend to focus on their indoor Christmas trees, filling them top to bottom with ornaments, lights and accessories, it can sometimes be the subtle accent pieces that truly steal the show. For example, arranging small animal statures of creatures like chipmunks, squirrels or even reindeer and birds into a creative grouping on an end table or mantle (above stockings) can become a focal point within the room – especially if the figures are glittered or realistically colored.

Another idea for holiday home décor is to rely on fluid decorations like garlands, table runners, hanging ornaments, ribbons and beaded pieces. Each of these decorations can be used in many different ways, and due to their increased length, are not limited to one location. A crystal garland can be used on an existing light fixture to add sparkle, while ribbon can be wound around banisters or strung from the mantle. Garland is extremely versatile – it can be used on walls, doors, windows – even the tree itself.

Your home should always remain just that – yours. As a reflection of your personality and style, the home is the perfect place to showcase your personal preferences when it comes to decorations, but many times people rely too much on decorations, and the true joyful nature of the holiday season is lost under piles of glitz and glam when it does not need to be.