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Rose Stem Arrangements

Roses have always been a classic, go to bloom when it comes to decorating. They come in many styles and colors, and the flowers are always beautiful, no matter their variety. When creating arrangements with roses, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose the right colors

Although roses come in all hues, the first step is to choose the ones you’d like to use for decorating. Classic reds, pale pinks and even white roses will go with many different types of surroundings, but the more vibrant colors – yellows, oranges or even blues and greens will need to be more carefully considered when used as the central decoration of a room.

Select decorative items to compliment the flowers – and to contain them

Even though the roses themselves may be the focal point within the room, they do not have to be the only pieces of décor. Although there are many different kinds of faux roses that can be used to decorate, live, fresh cut blooms also work just as well. Blankets, pillows, paintings – even wall decorations also can be found in rose patterns, or even in colors that are similar to the flowers, and will all work extraordinarily well to tie the room together.

Choosing the container (or containers) to hold the roses is also an important part of the decorative process, as this will determine the way that they are displayed. The stems of roses are very stiff and sturdy, meaning that they can be displayed with long or short stems – weight of the blooms will not be a factor.

Arrange the blooms

One way to arrange a bunch of roses is to cut the stems short, and use a low, squared vessel. This arrangement will work for both live and faux stems, and it relies on the natural beauty and imperfections within each individual flower’s petals. When arranging blooms like this, it’s imperative to have slightly varied lengths and heights to the flowers – this allows you to “build” them into a perfect shape. Large in size, roses will support each other, allowing you to rest blooms on top of each other in layers. This type of arrangement calls for many blooms, and a design trick is to leave just a few leaves attached to the stems – this will add splashes of color, making the shapes and hues of the flowers stand out.

If you’re looking for a less intense arrangement, there is always the classic go-to for roses: single stems in tall vases. This type of display piece is both understated and an eye-catcher at the same time- it is beautiful without being over the top, and easy to replicate no matter what color or style of roses you’re using.

Roses can also be included in other types of arrangements as accent pieces – the brightest colors like red, white and yellow look absolutely stunning atop beds of deep greens.

Maintain the roses

After the initial arrangement and placement, keeping up with the rose decorations is crucial, as these flowers need maintenance – even if they are not fresh cut. Occasional repositioning, switching flower colors, or watering are common activities that you may have to partake in when using roses as decorations.

Despite the minute bit of work that you’ll have to do in order to keep the rose decorations looking their best, these blooms are a stunning choice and are a great way to make any room look more elegant and welcoming.