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What’s Coming in 2016?


"What will Sage & Co. Introduce for 2016?" is a question that our designers were thinking about over a year ago when development was started for enhancements to existing collections and the addition of new collections that will continue to move the design world forward.

In 2016, Sage & Co. will be introducing a number of brand new collections.

Winter Solstice will be on display in our show rooms in Atlanta and Dallas at the January 2016 shows. Winter Solstice blends tranquil blues, peaceful sophistication, calm, elegance and outdoor charm to create a truly unique statement. Undoubtedly, birds and blue glass are an important part of this new collection.

Little Bear Cabin embodies classic, sophisticated lodge inspired design with a Native American Influence present in many of the patterns and products.

Cherry Hill Lane is an enormously successful Collection that represents classic elements. A new addition, Barnyard, will be unveiled at the 2016 January shows in Dallas and Atlanta. The Barnyard Collection, complementing the overall Cherry Hill Lane Collection, is inspired by the nationwide farm-to-table movement. This sub-collection is expected to be enormously popular in traditional channels, gourmet specialty stores. While the overall presence of many items in this collection is geared towards the holiday seasons, many items are perfect for year-round usage and marketing.

Trends – Our Picks for 2016

Blue pallets are becoming increasingly popular in all markets. We are introducing the trend setting Winter Solstice Collection at the upcoming shows. The Collection features a wide assortment of complimentary blue tones – from deep cobalt mercury glass to delicate shades of aquamarine. Blues have started making a significant presence through-out the design world and the trend is continuing to filter into home decor and gift markets.

Little BearLittle Bear Cabin is a collection of sophisticated Native American inspired ornaments, containers, and accessories that have earned their place in our design and hearts. Look for dramatic patterns and products we have exclusively created for the Sage & Co. Brand for 2016.

What else do we see changing in 2016? There will always be a classic element to holiday products. We all draw on our child-hood memories, intentional or not. Items that we are familiar with from our pleasant child hood holiday memories will always be an emotional and rewarding product line. The last few years have seen an increased appeal for hand-crafted items that evoke an element of home and nostalgia.

Consumers are more aware of nature. Cool metals, warm woods, and shiny elements all come together in sophisticated collections of ornaments, accessories, and containers that bring nature indoors and allow us to leave life’s chaos behind.

We see some collections introduced and updated last year continuing to be popular:

  • Urban Earth Organic textures and finishes – shiny metals and crystals encased in crusty stone as in nature
  • Modern Opulence Moroccan and Indian Influences – decadent bejeweled metal and glass items
  • Timeless Elegance Warm pearl and ivory update classic cream and silver. Mixing of silver and gold create a sophisticated, elegant collection can be dressed-up or dressed-down to fit interior decor.
  • French Market – L’autumne Lots of new containers assortments and beautiful branches
  • Fleur Holiday Premium botanicals for the holidays
  • Chateaux European inspired design
  • Donna Steven’s Collection Rich patterns and textures that provide a warm and eye intriguing design
  • All Hollow’s Eve A unique collection – improved pricing on many items

Theming? Is theming important just for holidays or is it a good practice year round?


Theming for holiday gives the customer a more focused, appealing presentation to select from. Theming also allows designers to create custom looks that customers can quickly re-create in their homes – they are buying a look – not just a product. We also offer merchandising solutions for our customers so they can recreate our vignettes in a retail environment so the end consumer has the same experience.

Theming for everyday product is important for visual impact as well. Offering a cohesive collection of stems, containers, and accessories makes the customer’s job easier and the final look much more cohesive.