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7 advantages of using artificial flowers

Flowers are usually an integral part of decorating – be it a centerpiece, a bridal bouquet or a colorful bunch of gerberas on your kitchen countertop. For your next floral arrangement, consider the use of artificial blooms and foliages. Typically, people look for elegance and beauty in their floral arrangements, so fresh flowers are easy to fall back on. However, silk flowers can look just as beautiful and realistic!

Here are seven reasons why you should consider artificial flowers:

1. Cost-effective
Flowers are one expensive commodity once they are cut, prepared and then arranged into bouquets. While silk flowers tend to vary in price, they cost about half as much as flowering plants. The lower the price, the less durable they are and less realistic they look. Prices tend to increase with more detailed and intricate silk flowers, as these arrangements are of a higher quality.

If you're planning a wedding, consider David Tutera arrangements for bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Get a feel for what your silk flower arrangements will look like and purchase them in advance. In case you aren't happy with the arrangements, ordering in advance will leave you with some wiggle room to test out different options.

Another cost-effective benefit of silk flowers is that because they are so inexpensive, you don't have to feel bad about switching your arrangements as often as you wish.

"Your artificial arrangements can last a lifetime."

2. No expiration date
Silk flowers are durable and sturdy, unlike fresh flowers, which are prone to wilting, tearing or falling apart before you walk down the aisle. Your silk floral bouquet can be kept as a memento from your special day for years and years.

Permanent botanicals are great decor for the home as well. Natural flowers are only good for about five or so days before they are past their prime. When stored and taken care of properly, your artificial arrangements can last a lifetime.

Fun fact: Because of their endless lifespan, silk flower arrangements are great props for the entertainment industry. It can take days or weeks to film a scene for a movie, and if that scene requires flowers, it becomes more and more expensive to replace the floral displays once they start wilting – especially under those hot stage lights.

3. Eco-friendly
Believe it or not, silk flowers are actually a bit more environmentally friendly than their real counterparts – it all has to do with how they're shipped. Due to their infinite shelf life, silk flowers can be transported more slowly, so they are typically shipped by sea freight rather than air freight, according to Slate. This method of shipment drastically reduces the production of carbon dioxide. To put this into perspective, transporting one pound of artificial roses produces one-twentieth the amount of emissions as shipping one pound of real roses does.

Slate also notes that South American flower growers depend on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that leave a negative carbon footprint on the environment. A 2007 study conducted by the International Labor Rights Fund and the U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project found that 20 percent of chemicals sprayed on Colombian flowers are illegal in the U.S. and in Europe, as they contribute to the contamination of soil and caused health problems for field workers.

With that being said, take the environmentally responsible route and go with a silk floral arrangement for your dinning room table. After all, more than 75 percent of fresh cut flowers consumed in the U.S. are imported and shipped by air freight.

4. Climate
Artificial flowers don't depend on weather changes. This means you will not have to worry about your blooms getting dry in the winter and wilting in the summer. Silk flowers are great if you are having a destination wedding in a tropical climate, but dream of walking down the aisle with a bouquet of roses, which typically thrive in locations with cooler temperatures. If the bride-to-be wants a type of flower that is out of season, she will have to have them shipped, significantly increasing the price of the arrangements.

5. Easy to transport
No matter where you are going – to a new home or a banquet hall – your silk floral arrangements will not wilt due to extreme shipping temperatures. It's easy to place your bouquets or centerpieces in a box when moving from one place to another. Silk flowers are more resistant, so the color and shape won't deteriorate, and the blossoms can easily be restyled once you arrive at your final destination.

As an everlasting decorative piece for your home, article flowers are inexpensive and require little maintenance.As an everlasting decorative piece for your home, artificial flowers are inexpensive and require little maintenance.

6. Low-maintenance
Faux flowers require almost no attention! You won't have to worry about under- or overwatering your potted plants, or constantly replacing soiled water for your bouquets gathered in a vase. Stems won't need recutting, petals won't need rearranging. They look just as beautiful as they did when you purchased them.

And unlike fresh flowers, silk bouquets last longer than five to seven days, meaning purchasing weekly replacement flowers will no longer be necessary. A bonus: Artificial flowers come fully bloomed, so you won't have to play the waiting game and sit tight while your flowers take some time to fully open up. Just be sure to to regularly dust and wipe down your permanent botanicals so they always look fresh.

7. Hypoallergenic
Allergies can be a real pain for some people, especially those who are allergic to pollen. With artificial flowers, you are free to place them anywhere and everywhere without tickling anyone's nose. Silk arrangements are also great for people who are highly sensitive to odors and cannot tolerate the aroma fresh flowers produce.

Ultimately, the choice between fresh and artificial flowers boils down to personal preference. Keep in mind that with today's technology, permanent botanicals now look realistic and feel lifelike. Sometimes it's nearly impossible to tell them apart!

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