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People to surprise with gifts this holiday season

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. There are cards to send out, parties to throw and gifts to buy. However, giving back to the people in your life is the most rewarding part of this season. Here are some people to surprise with silk flowers that you may have forgotten to add to your gift-buying list:

Your mail carrier
Do you have a great mail carrier to whom you want to give holiday cheer? Have no fear, this can easily be done! Because the mail delivery schedule can sometimes be atypical, wrap up something sweet like a box of chocolates. Top off the box with a traditional holiday flower like mistletoe or holly. However, be sure to use silk flowers instead of real ones. Your mail person might have a long route ahead of him or her, and you don't want the flower to get beaten up in his or her bag along the way. Using a luxurious silk flower will ensure it makes it through the work day. In addition, a silk flower will last longer than a real one, so the holiday cheer will be extended! Add a little card to the gift with a cute note like, "Thanks for all your hard work! Happy Holidays." Your mail carrier is sure to love the sentiment, and every time he or she visits your house on the daily route, he or she may just smile.

Your co-worker
Some people have a hard time deciding if it's appropriate to give gifts to co-workers or not. If he or she is your good friend, of course, it is. But what about those people you only see in the office? Well, there's some middle ground. Try giving them a handwritten note saying how much you enjoy working with them and wishing them a good holiday and new year. If you're looking for an extra touch, add some festive silk flower petals in the envelope. It will evoke the holiday spirit and bring some colorful decor to your meaningful gift.

Adding silk flowers to your gifts can put everyone in the holiday spirit.Adding silk flowers to your gifts can put everyone in the holiday spirit.

You may feel like you could never fully thank the people who care for your children when you're not around. However, giving them a little something special around the holidays will make them feel appreciated. Have your little ones make cards with bright crayons and colored pencils thanking them for all their help. Be sure to add something else they might like, such as a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Teachers and school administration
Do you adore your kid's teachers and school administrators? Then show just how much you appreciate them with a little extra something this holiday season. For teachers, you could make a wreath made out of silk flowers to put on their school door! This way, the wreath will last for years to come – all they have to do is pull it out of storage each season. It will put them, the students and you in a festive mood!

Just about everyone tries to get a hair appointment so they're looking their best this season. If you want to show your hairdresser how grateful you are, add a little something special to your normal giving normal tip. Before you go, make out a card thanking him or her for being so great, add a candy cane and throw a generous tip in there. The extra step you took will make his or her spirits soar.

You may have a long list of gifts to buy, however,  don't forget the people who might not be in your life everyday but still make a difference!