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Creating an Autumn Tablescape

The Autumn season is an ideal one for vibrant and exciting decorating options. The Teters Floral Harvest Collection has many different options that can be combined to create the perfect Autumn look. Creating a Fall tablescape is one way to ensure that these beautiful decorations are constantly on display throughout the season – ready to become the topic of conversation between you and your guests.

You can keep it simple by using items like the 18” pumpkin and gourd centerpiece with a hurricane glass in the middle – this already assembled piece can be set in the center of any table as a pre-made decoration. Being pre-assembled makes this a good choice because it can be used in multiples to achieve a stunning, matching look. The bright colors and assortment of Autumn harvest items present within this arrangement are bright and colorful, the perfect embodiment of the season’s true spirit. With or without an inserted candle, this arrangement is ready to use.

To create your own look, there are also multiple options depending on the end result you’re trying to achieve. Another simple decorating option is to place a few of our glass candle holders onto any table’s surface. These are available in two colors – purple and orange, and in two different prints – a window featuring hanging spiders or a whimsical print of the word “Boo!” in different sizes. These can be used alone or with each other to create alternating patterns of differing size; a truly bewitching assortment of decor!

A tablescape that takes a bit more effort is one that includes some of our beautiful faux branches and vines. To start, take our 6′ Autumn mum garland and your favorite bunch of flowers or greens – a few of our favorite choices include the 22” Autumn eucalyptus bush and the 20” Autumn garden bush. After settling the branch of choice into a tall, slender vase, tuck one end of the garland between the branch and the vase, and wind it around the entire length from top to table, spread the remaining length around the base of the container, creating a uniform, completely covered look that is flowing with natural beauty.

Not only does this provide a beautiful bunch of flowers at the top of the arrangement, but it keeps the overall look constant throughout. These colors work together perfectly, creating a beautiful and lively collection of color that is ideal for display throughout the season. Although these are only a few of the many available options, creating the perfect tablescape really is dependent on the overall look you’re trying to achieve- and the work you want to put in to creating it.