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Creating A Painted Faux Floral Wreath

Although at Teters Floral we strive to create beautiful pre-made floral arrangements, we understand that sometimes you’ll want to add your own touches to personalize items like our available wreaths. For example, our 22” hydrangea wreath is covered in cream flowers that stand out against the deep greens behind them. With just a bit of paint and an idea, the wreath can be given a whole new look and style. The pale colored blooms are already perfectly arranged – but the coloration can easily be changed to your liking.

Using paint to accent the leaves or blooms is a wonderful way to add personalized touches to the wreath, and this project can be accomplished in many different ways. Choosing colors to compliment other decorations within the room – or even the furniture itself – is a great starting point. Another choice is to utilize the pre-made wreath to create a look that is suitable for the holidays or a special occasion– Halloween and Christmas are perfect examples, as is a child’s birth. The color combinations used to celebrate these days are quite easy to incorporate into a natural looking wreath, and using paint to achieve the perfect look is simple and quick.

Another option is to add branches and blooms to the wreaths to create the perfect blend of color and texture. We have a 12” and an 8” grapevine wreath base available, and both are just waiting for you to add your own unique touches to them. Start by selecting the size you’d like, and then move on to creating the ideal color scheme. As a general rule of thumb, don’t choose too many differing sizes, shapes or colors – this can detract from the visual you’re trying to achieve when adding the pained portions. Although painting over the existing leaves and petals will cover some of the detail, the veins and shape will remain visible, and small details can be added in on top of the painted base colors.

One version of a unique painted wreath could include many different items that are green in color – using the paint to add in additional detail and brighter colored spots. Selections ideal for a wreath of this nature include grape ivy stems, green mini ball mum stems, bells of Ireland, garden hydrangeas, and one of our favorite accessories – a green glittering clip on bird that has sheer, shining wings and a tail. Arranging these items carefully, and weaving the individual stems into the grape vine base will create a united and flowing look – as well as a beautiful aesthetic.

This same concept can be used with just about any color scheme from a single hue to a mixture; create looks filled with bright spring colors, reds and pinks, or even a mixture of jewel tones. The options are endless, and for those with creative minds, this can be an extremely fun project to take on for different holidays and seasons throughout the year. No matter which color combination or style is chosen, the end result will be an extremely unique and special wreath perfect for in-home display.