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Bolivar High School Seniors and Teters Floral Products

National Brand Presence – Small Town Values


Senior Trip Teters MemorialTeters Floral Products has been making memorial decorations in the small town of Bolivar, MO since the Teters brothers started the company in 1957.

Over the many years the company has grown the Bolivar Assembly from a small regional presence to becoming the largest provider of premade memorial decorations in the entire country.

John Quadrini – Managing Director of Domestic Production and Distribution quickly summed up their continued success – “make a valued product with dedicated employees that the consumer wants to buy, improve the product and distribution every year,  and good things happen”.


But the real story here is one of partnership with the community, just as quietly as Teters has built their business over the years, they have also made a long lasting relationship with the community.


Back in 1973,  the Bolivar High School was making its annual Senior Class trip to Washington DC.  One of the obvious patriotic stops on such a trip is to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  A plan was developed to honor the fallen service member by placing a memorial wreath on the grave.  One of the Senior Class members had a mother who worked at Teters.  She made a special wreath and was quite honored to make such an important patriotic memorial decoration.

The wreath laying at the Tomb was quite a success for the Senior Class.  So in 1974,  it was decided to make the “wreath laying” to honor the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as part of the annual tradition.  And another wreath was requested of Teters. And a partnership was started. Year after year, quietly in a small town in middle America,  a company and a high school have worked together to make history.  Every year, the Bolivar High School petitions to be able to be part a ceremonial wreath laying at the Tomb.  And every year Teters Floral Products makes a new and better wreath than the year before. The 2015 trip is occurring and a wreath was laid on Sunday March 29, 2015.  42 years of partnership.


Quadrini said that “Teters has been proud to be part of this annual tradition,  what is amazing is that I have been part of this since 1991 which is a long time, but really nothing in comparison to the entire longevity and history of it”.