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Celebrate Life with your Family

Celebrating the life of a loved one is one of the best ways to keep their memory alive. Though this can be done in a variety of ways, one of the most visual is to use memorial flowers and objects to symbolize the dearly departed – and their interests. It is important to choose items that bring the individual to mind, or that they would have chosen for themselves – this will make a truly terrible time just a bit easier to get through.

Using Flowers and Plants

When people think about commemorating loved ones, they often turn to plants and flowers to help get the job done. There are many arrangements and varieties of flowers available, making the selection process seem daunting. However, choosing a very specific starting point can help to narrow the field, and make picking the final displays that much simpler. The best place to start is to choose an arrangement that means something – associating the flowers or plants with the memory of the individual. Seasonal flowers to coincide with a birthday, a favorite type or color of bloom, or even a favorite variety of flower are fantastic choices to begin the commemoration process, and can readily be found in many places – like with Teters Memorial.


Accessories and Uncommon Objects

Another way to keep your loved one’s memory alive is to choose accessories and other objects that help you to remember them. Things like lanterns, small keepsakes like statues, figures and charms or  even flags and banners can be personalized explicitly for every individual. Celebrating the life of a loved one is truly about finding ways to keep their memories alive, and using objects that mean something –  not just placing things at a memorial site – is the best way to start. Some popular choices are flags with religious verses or favorite quotes, angel or animal figurines – even hand carved rocks or stones are fantastic and permanent choices.


Taking Comfort in Numbers

With all of the memorial and celebratory options available, the most useful – and important – is your family and friends. During the time following a loss, this network of people will be an extremely valuable asset in the commemoration and memorial process. Other family members and friends will be more than willing to celebrate the life of their loved one for many days, weeks, or months to come. There is no better way to keep a memory alive and fluid than relying on a circle of close friends. Not only will this process give you the chance to celebrate life with your family and friends, but it will provide the opportunity for you to possibly learn new things about your loved one – to see different sides and personality traits.