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The History of Memorial Decorating

memorialRemembering our loved ones is an important activity for people to take part in. Although there are many ways to practice this activity – picnics, parties, photographs, completing activities or achieving things in their honor – one of the most widely practiced customs is placing decorations as a memorial. Though this can be looked at as a somber occasion, in recent years the focus has shifted from simply using floral arrangements to remember those loved ones to using the arrangements and accessories to tell their stories – and celebrate the lives they lived.

In many places, it is customary to send flowers during a time of bereavement. These arrangements range from large bouquets and wreaths to small potted plants and flowers, yet the thoughtfulness behind the actions is the same – people are remembering the loved one or friend in the same way that the family is; they want to show their sympathy and state that they care. Though the loss of a loved one can be an extremely difficult time, seeing the proof that they touched others and made an impact can be a real blessing and a true comfort during a time of immense need.

Often in the beginning, the typical memorial arrangements and pieces are used to adorn a person’s final resting place. Wreaths bearing their title – mom, dad, brother, sister – or arrangements with flowers in blue or pink to symbolize the person’s gender, or even large bouquets or bushes of the departed’s favorite blooms are sent and displayed. This is a great way for everyone to learn a bit about the person, and to keep their memory strong.

As time passes, things change and so do the arrangements on display. The idea of simply showing appreciation and love to the person we’ve lost becomes less important, and keeping their personality alive moves to the forefront. Were they religious? Did they enjoy a specific season more than the others? Did they have a favorite animal or color? Did their personal style reflect traditional or modern styles? Each of these questions becomes an important aspect of the way that their memorial decorations trend, making the process of decorating these sites more and more personalized as time passes.

Rather than simply bringing flowers throughout the year, many choose to focus on one aspect of their loved one’s personality, and go forward from there. It becomes less about memorializing a person and more about celebrating life and cherished memories of their loved ones. Focusing on good times and happy memories can make an extremely difficult time more bearable; Teters Memorial products strives to offer quality arrangements and memorial accessories that truly capture different personality traits of people, making them a sound choice.


Celebration is truly important – even during the tough times that come with losing a loved one.