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Workforce Inclusion and Reintegration

We at Teters Floral Products Inc. are proud to partner with organizations in Louisville, MS and Bolivar, MO to provide employment opportunities to participants in programs for the developmentally disabled and delayed. It has been proven that employment provides five key factors that promote and prolong mental well-being:

  • Time structure
  • Social contact and affiliation
  • Collective effort and purpose
  • Social and personal identity
  • Regular activity

Working is a key way to maintain and support mental wellness, and many experts believe that it can help to keep people from suffering from mental illness. Two of the programs we work with – Burrell Working Solutions in Bolivar, MO and Louisville Industries in Louisville, MS – are extremely key proponents of helping those in need join and stay employed in a working environment.

Burrell Working Solutions

Providing employment for adults with Developmental Disabilities, Burrell Working Solutions offers training, work experiences and opportunities, each intended to teach and develop skills necessary for success. While learning these skills, individuals are exposed to many tasks and opportunities including productivity training, focusing on and completing tasks, following directions, and even safety.

In addition to these skills, participants in this program are also provided with the opportunity to improve their personal skills, which may mean that they are taught how to appropriately respond to social situations and other people, learn the importance of being punctual and having good attendance, given the opportunity to participate in work trials on a short term basis – even receiving help with personal hygiene in some cases.

The end result is for program participants to achieve the status of a paid employee within their community – and in Bolivar, we at Teters provide the opportunity for contract employment by program participants as cemetery vase assemblers. Our inclusion in this initiative provides us another way to give back to the community, and can be learned about in greater detail at http://www.burrellcenter.com

Louisville Industries:

In Louisville, our involvement is slightly different – we employ workers from Louisville Industries to do work in our restaging and repacking departments. Funded by the Department of Mental Health, this organization’s main function is to provide employment training, and integrate those with different needs and mental states into the Mississippi workforce.

We provide the positions and the opportunities and they provide the people. A consistently growing and rewarding program, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to contribute to the local economy and help those in need.